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This is my personal work and tool I use to help support me with my tasks and duties as a registered veterinary technician (RVT). Anyone who has worked directly with me knows about my pocket brain. I have shared and exchanged information in this small book to aid myself in patient care as well as support others who may have struggled and/or needed similar information to excel in their daily duties. The original book was created in 1999 but was lost. I restarted this book in 2006 as I felt the absence of this vital tool while on the floor in the clinical setting. Many have suggested that I turn it into a book so that more can benefit from it. It is a combination of things I have learned, researched, looked up, and experienced in my position as an RVT. I see this growing and adjusting with our role as veterinary technicians and assistants as a result of ongoing advances in care for our furry friends. This is just the start of volumes to come.